Sunday, July 21, 2013

An Interesting Find

 My husband is a foodie and so am I. We both love to explore new places - right from local joints to pricey dine-in restaurants  (obviously not so frequently as our pockets don't permit ). We normally prefer local joints than the chains and for the review ratings he religiously follows  yelp and tripadvisor. We both like Mediterranean food a lot (Thanks to local Sahara for patronizing our love. We make sure to visit at least once a week). And part of it is because of  it's striking familiarity to our aged Indian taste buds. Generally, we avoid eating Indian (as we have it at home everyday) when we go for eating out. However in case the reviews say "out of the world" or "100 things to eat before die" kind of stuff then only we make an exception to our self imposed rule :P Recently we were in Oklahoma City and like always we satiated ourselves with a plethora of versatile cuisines. And one day we came across an authentic Mexican local joint named "Taco San Pedro".The joint churns out some of the best signature Mexican soul food at throw away prices -however what caught my attention was a completely different ball game.

Oh! yes, I know it's not a food blog and I'm not going to talk about  food any more. Today I'm here to share some paintings which I found on the walls of " Taco San Pedro". I googled the artist's name but couldn't  get any further info about him/her. I was very interested to know more mainly because of the painting style which is more like we see in trucks, theater backgrounds or in calenders in India. The similarity amazed me and I can't resist myself from sharing.

                                                                  Name of  the Artist


  1. Sutapa madam

    Namaste. Sutapa madam please look into my latest post "The Ramakien - Thailand Ramayana". These Ramakien murals similar like our Kerala Murals, Madhubani, Kalamkari paintings etc. Ramakien is Ramayan of Thailand taken from our Ramayana and prepared it in their own culture in folk art.

    Suptapa madam i hope you these Ramakien murals gave inspiration to you and you draw similar like murals i guess.

  2. Hi Mr. Srinivasu,

    I checked your link and again it's amazing. I recently send you an email. Have a very happy New year.