Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Diwali

Wish all my viewers a very Happy Diwali. In West Bengal, Diwali is the eve of Kalipuja  but the basic decorations are all the same through out India and that is obviously with  "light". The best part of Diwali for me was putting  the diyas all over our house. But now, here in US it's not feasible to do that outside. So, I have to be happy with my small Diwali decoration corner.
Making "Rangoli" is not a major practice in Bengal, as a result I have never done it. I always love the Rangoli patters and designs but mostly the team effort behind every Rangoli is the key of making it so special.   Colors (sometime flowers) and lamps are the best playmates in Diwali.  I decided to make Bengali "alpana" instead of Rangoli as my tribute to "Festival of Light"

                                                           After I switched off the light.

                                                                                Alpana only


  1. That is simply amazing! What a lovely diwali decoration. you're so great in designing.
    Happy Diwali and my best Diwali greetings to you and your family.

    - Akhil

  2. Thank you Akhil.A very happy Diwali to you and your family too :)

  3. Sutapa madam

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    Sutapa madam advance Diwali wishes to you and your family members.

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  4. Thank you Mr. Srinivasu. Happy Diwali to you and your family too. I'm a big fan of your work. As I always say you have a great mission and I admire your work. I'm thinking of doing some little write up for Diwali this year also and I want to refer your "lamps of India" article. Please let me know if you are fine with that.

  5. Ok madam

    You please mention my "Lamps of India" article. Whenever i am some free time i am sharing the images of both books of Lamps of India in the message. In the meantime you please use the images also if you want and refer my article also. Once again Happy Diwali wishes to you and your family members and friends.

  6. Sutapa madam

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  7. Surely Mr. Srinivasu. I already shared it with some of my friends. They are impressed with your attempt of preserving Indian Heritage. I'm going to share the link in my blog shortly. Advance Happy Diwali to you and your family. And keep up your good work.

  8. Sutapa madam

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