Saturday, December 24, 2011

My painting challenges

After long 10 years I'm resuming my love for painting again. I  blindly believed that my painting skills are still the same as it used to be in my childhood. I relished foolishly all my accolades of painting from my school days. One of my friend asked me for a mother-child painting. I started that and this painting helped me to realize how wrong I was about myself. But still there was a kind of satisfaction doing this.

Watercolor on Paper 12"×16"

Next I tried my hand on little bit easy stuff, painting my favorite flower, lotus.

Watercolor on paper 11"×14"

 During Fall I decided to do a landscape with bright orange and red fall color. I assumed it'll be easy but  turned out to be the hardest one. I was so upset I tear it down. After that I didn't paint anything more. One thing I realize though painting has no limitation, no specific culture or language but it's really hard to cross your own boundary. Still I want to do that. Wish me luck.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Serendipity,the very term is not allowed to be favorite for any PhD student...there should be some sequential, logical and scientific events for any discoveries which inhibit serendipity to exist. But surprisingly serendipity was behind many major findings. The most common is the apple story of Newton. I consider serendipity as a strong will that makes things happen - it may or may not be the way you want !! Imagine your own research, where you want certain things to establish which are already in your mind. Unconsciously, you have started believing your views very strongly but may be in some point you are not able to connect two things together. And suddenly out of the blue you get something else beyond your expectations. Now comes the happiest and toughest job to accept that and express your serendipity in a logical way. Serendipity serves as a bridge between your long nurtured believes and the best possible reason to support that. Research is all about possibilities and Serendipity is the ultimate one.