Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Trail.

Huh! it has been roughly two months since I posted my last painting....courtesy to my famous laziness : P This time I badly wanted to do a landscape; specially after coming back from our weekend trip to Smokey Mountain this summer. So I was checking all my old photographs and definitely different landscape photos from internet. I realised that indeed one needs a lot of practice in order to capture the rustic beauty of nature. However the creative ability of artists to blend the beauty of nature with their imagination is the key to success. Every person has his / her own perception about mother nature and I believe that's precisely how artists end up with their specific painting style. Infact somewhere in-between lies the gateway of abstract landscape painting.

 I have always dreamt of painting a landscape about Fall Color. The bright and vibrant red, orange and yellow colors always instigate me to play with them. Here are some of the fall color pictures in my neighbourhood taken by my loving husband today evening.

 Although Fall color is never very prominent in Kentucky;   still its obvious enough to force me putting them in canvas. This is my first attempt of landscape painting - " Fall Trail"

Fall Trail

                                                      Acrylic on Canvas ( 16" x 20" )

Original Painting

This is a high resolution picture of my painting "Fall Trail" done in Oct 2012. The original was painted in acrylic paints on 16” x 20” Canvas. Please email me at huensplash@gmail.com if you are interested in buying my original artwork.

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