Saturday, December 24, 2011

My painting challenges

After long 10 years I'm resuming my love for painting again. I  blindly believed that my painting skills are still the same as it used to be in my childhood. I relished foolishly all my accolades of painting from my school days. One of my friend asked me for a mother-child painting. I started that and this painting helped me to realize how wrong I was about myself. But still there was a kind of satisfaction doing this.

Watercolor on Paper 12"×16"

Next I tried my hand on little bit easy stuff, painting my favorite flower, lotus.

Watercolor on paper 11"×14"

 During Fall I decided to do a landscape with bright orange and red fall color. I assumed it'll be easy but  turned out to be the hardest one. I was so upset I tear it down. After that I didn't paint anything more. One thing I realize though painting has no limitation, no specific culture or language but it's really hard to cross your own boundary. Still I want to do that. Wish me luck.

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